My free consultation service for addiction will guide you on the path to healing. I offer support and solutions to overcome addiction so you can take control of your life.
The free consultation/assessment takes around 15 – 30 minutes.

I acquire the crucial details pertaining to the nature of the addiction which causes challenges, often involving substances such as alcohol and drugs.
I conduct an examination of the family background, placing emphasis on the dynamics within parental relationships, the individual’s educational experiences, and potential sources of trauma, including but not limited to divorce, school-related bullying, sexual abuse, and instances of narcissistic parenting.
I assess the present self-esteem levels and evaluate the extent of perfectionistic tendencies.
Through this comprehensive assessment, I can discern whether the individual is experiencing trauma, categorising it as either simplex (PTSD) or complex (CPTSD, complex post-traumatic stress disorder).
I provide recommendations concerning potential pharmacological interventions, addressing both short-term and long-term considerations, and advise on the appropriateness of consulting either a general practitioner or a psychiatrist.
I clarify the therapy process, emphasising that while I employ various methods, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is often a primary focus.

Therapy and Follow Up

  • Each session spans 50 minutes, and typically, I schedule appointments with my patients on a weekly basis; however, adjustments to the frequency can be made as needed to better meet the individual’s requirements.
  • As a practitioner who incorporates therapeutic assignments into the process, I provide curated readings accompanied by corresponding exercises for the individuals under my care.
  • I emphasize that therapy is a gradual and thorough process, intended to address underlying concerns rather than offering a quick fix. Additionally, I provide a professional estimate of the number of sessions I believe would be beneficial for their specific needs.
  • I evaluate the potential inclusion of family members in the therapeutic process, recognizing that addiction often exerts an impact on the entire family unit.

This outlines the primary components of the assessment. Naturally, should any additional inquiries arise that haven’t been addressed, I address them promptly and extend an invitation for individuals to pose any further questions they may have.

Let’s start the process

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