So what happens in therapy and how do I go about it? I work collaboratively with you to find out what is really going on underneath the presented issues or displayed symptoms such as substance use, ongoing stress and feelings of general unease and unhappiness. I do not diagnose or label my clients with conditions, as we need to look for ways of healing and changing behaviours, rather than simply attaching a label to the condition and leaving it there. Clients are able to resolve their own issues by me simply helping them to understand where the issues originally arose from and by pointing them in the right direction. Conditions, for example, like Co-Dependancy is learnt behaviour and the great thing about that is that the behaviour can be un-learnt and effectively changed.

I also work holistically, looking at all issues concerning mind, body and soul.

I try to help my clients, not by telling them what to do, nor expecting them to figure it out themselves, but by encouraging them to look within themselves to find out what the problems really are. I help my clients to look at their past, what happened to them during the course of their lives, how it’s still impacting them now, and seeing what can be done about it to improve their current situation and improve their future levels of contentment and happiness.

I originally trained as a crisis intervention counsellor, then as a suicide intervention counsellor and last as a Trauma Therapist which was done through in International Association of Trauma Professionals based in America.

I provide various types of therapy depending on the needs of the client. People who are suffering from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) of the more difficult one to identify which is CPTSD ( Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) may have problems with substance use disorders (drugs and alcohol) or behavioural disorders like sex addiction.

Trauma can be caused by many different circumstances – such as coming from a home where a parent or perhaps even both parents are alcoholics or drug addicts, divorce, where there is a lot of fighting in the home, bullying at school, rape, sexual child abuse, or from being exposed to violent crimes like home invasions and hi-jacking.

Trauma victims will often suffer from low self-esteem, a high degree of co-dependency (“People Pleasing” as it is more commonly known) perfectionism, and high stress levels.

I offer extensive and effective therapy
that can enhance many belief systems.

Versatile Therapist Offers Tailored Approach for Trauma and Addiction Counseling

I am also comfortable working with either the Trauma model or with the Twelve Step process in the case of addictions – whichever is the best for the client and their particular circumstances.

I offer one-on-one sessions, but also do see couples and am familiar with family counselling.

Working with the LGBT community

I work with ages from eighteen upwards across the spectrum of human relationship interactions and the many complex scenarios that play out in families and in our society. The content of all sessions remain highly confidential.