Governor Wike Criticizes Ireti Kingibe, Sparks Controversy with Harsh Comments

Governor Wike Criticizes Ireti Kingibe, Sparks Controversy with Harsh Comments
Oscar Whitfield Jul, 2 2024

Governor Wike's Strong Criticism towards Ireti Kingibe

In a stunning turn of events, Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike, has launched a fierce verbal assault on Ireti Kingibe, a former aide to ex-President Goodluck Jonathan. The tirade followed Kingibe’s comments on the 2023 presidential election, where she suggested that the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) might have won if Wike had thrown his support behind the party’s candidate, Atiku Abubakar.

Kingibe’s remarks, made during a television interview, provoked a blistering response from Wike. He labeled her statements as 'nonsensical' and 'ridiculous,' further diminishing her relevance in the political sphere. Wike, a notable supporter of Atiku’s opponent Peter Obi, did not mince words in his critique, accusing Kingibe of being a 'job seeker' merely attempting to gain favour with the PDP leadership.

Scathing Accusations and Personal Attacks

The Governor's statements did not stop at political disagreements. He went further, suggesting that Kingibe’s commentary betrayed a profound lack of political acumen. He also made personal attacks on her personal life, insinuating that she ought to focus on her 'failed' marriage instead of intervening in political matters.

Wike’s comments, particularly his suggestion that Kingibe should 'go and hang herself in a transformer,' have ignited a flurry of reactions on social media. Critics argue that his remarks are unbecoming of a public office holder, amplifying the need for decorum and respect in political discourse.

Social Media Reactions

The backlash from Wike's statements has been swift and widespread. Many social media users have condemned the Governor’s choice of words, arguing that they reflect poorly on him as a leader. The controversy also raises broader questions about the tone of Nigerian political dialogue and the impact of such rhetoric on public trust.

One user tweeted, 'Wike’s outburst is a disgrace to his office. We need leaders who elevate the conversation, not degrade it.' Another wrote, 'Personal attacks and insults have no place in our politics. Wike should be setting a better example.'

Ireti Kingibe's Political Stance

Ireti Kingibe's Political Stance

Kingibe, who has a long history in Nigerian politics, has yet to directly respond to Wike’s comments. Her initial interview questioned the strategic decisions within the PDP during the 2023 election, suggesting that Wike's support could have made a significant difference for Atiku Abubakar. Her critiques, however, stemmed from a broader concern for the party's direction and future.

Many of her supporters defended her right to critique party strategies, highlighting that healthy debate is essential for democratic progress. In their view, Wike's reaction was not only excessive but also indicative of a broader issue of intolerance within political ranks.

The Way Forward for Political Discourse

The incident between Wike and Kingibe underlines a pressing need for civility and respect in political communication. As politicians hold significant influence over public opinion and discourse, their words can either foster constructive debate or deepen divisions.

Political analysts suggest that leaders should adhere to a higher standard of discourse, one that encourages respectful disagreement and focuses on policies rather than personal attacks. It is through such standards that trust in political institutions can be rebuilt and strengthened.

Calls for Apology and Responsibility

The gravity of Wike's outburst has prompted calls from various quarters for him to apologize to Kingibe. Advocates argue that an apology would not only rectify the situation but also set a precedent for accountability among political figures.

Similarly, there are calls for political parties to instill a culture of respect and tolerance within their ranks. As campaigns and elections often bring out heightened emotions, maintaining decorum becomes even more critical.



The clash between Wike and Kingibe has shone a spotlight on the state of political discourse in Nigeria. As the nation grapples with significant challenges, the quality of its political conversations will play a pivotal role in shaping its future. Promoting respect, understanding, and constructive debate should be priorities for all political actors, ensuring that Nigeria's democracy continues to thrive and evolve.