Euro 2024: Marc Guehi Shines as England Secures Victory Over Serbia in Tournament Debut

Euro 2024: Marc Guehi Shines as England Secures Victory Over Serbia in Tournament Debut
Oscar Whitfield Jun, 17 2024

In an electrifying debut at Euro 2024, Crystal Palace's 23-year-old centre-back Marc Guehi proved to be a cornerstone in England's 1-0 victory over Serbia. Guehi’s display on the pitch captured the attention of football fans and pundits alike, showcasing his potential to be a future mainstay in the England squad.

A Debut to Remember

Guehi’s performance was one for the books. His selection over more seasoned defenders raised eyebrows initially, but it did not take long for him to silence his doubters. Displaying nerves of steel, Guehi’s calm demeanor and focused approach were evident from the first whistle. His defensive prowess was palpable throughout the match, playing a key role in keeping Serbia from finding the back of the net.

Rave Reviews from Experts

The 1-0 win wasn't solely about the scoreline; it was also a testament to Guehi's burgeoning talent. BBC pundits Micah Richards and Rio Ferdinand were quick to praise the young centre-half. Richards highlighted that Guehi’s strength lay in his ability to excel at the basics, a quality often overlooked yet crucial for any defender. "Top centre-half," Richards described him, emphasizing Guehi's disciplined play and attentive defending.

Ferdinand echoed these sentiments, noting Guehi’s humility and emotional steadiness as defining traits. According to Ferdinand, these characteristics prevented Guehi from being easily unsettled, even when facing the pressures of a major international tournament. Such commendations from experienced former players underline the impact Guehi has had early in his international career.

Match Highlights

The match itself was a closely contested affair, with few clear-cut chances. The decisive moment came courtesy of England's rising star Jude Bellingham. The young midfielder's headed goal, assisted by an accurate cross from Arsenal's Bukayo Saka, proved to be the difference between the two sides. Another notable highlight was Harry Kane’s header, which was spectacularly tipped onto the crossbar by the Serbian goalkeeper, demonstrating the competitive edge of the match.

Guehi’s Playing Style

Guehi’s Playing Style

Marc Guehi's style of play was instrumental in maintaining England’s defensive solidity. He demonstrated a keen sense of positioning, often staying a step ahead of Serbia's forwards. His ability to anticipate threats and cut off passing lanes was crucial in breaking down Serbia's attacks before they could become dangerous. Additionally, Guehi’s capability to play out from the back added another dimension to England’s buildup play, allowing the team to transition smoothly from defense to attack.

The Importance of Basics

Richards's observation about Guehi’s commitment to the basics cannot be overstated. In an era where defenders often receive praise for flair or attacking contributions, Guehi’s disciplined adherence to fundamental defensive principles was a breath of fresh air. His clearances, headed duels, and measured tackles laid the foundation for England’s defensive efforts. By focusing on these basics, Guehi ensured that there were no gaps in England's backline for Serbia to exploit.

Guehi’s Future Prospects

As Euro 2024 progresses, all eyes will be on Marc Guehi to see if he can maintain this high level of performance. His debut suggests that he has the temperament and ability to become an integral part of the England setup. With pundits like Richards and Ferdinand backing him, Guehi's confidence will only grow, positioning him as a key player for both club and country.

For now, Guehi's focus will be on continuing to deliver composed and effective performances. His approach to the game—rooted in humility and a commitment to doing the basics well—bodes well for his future in international football.

A Coincidence of Timing

A Coincidence of Timing

What makes Guehi’s rise even more compelling is the timing. With England’s defense in transition and the need for fresh talent becoming increasingly apparent, his emergence has been timely. Guehi’s ability to step up when called upon speaks volumes about his mental fortitude and readiness to compete at the highest level.

The Bigger Picture

England’s narrow victory over Serbia also underscored the team's growing depth. The capacity to integrate a young, relatively inexperienced defender into the squad without missing a beat illustrates the options at manager Gareth Southgate’s disposal. It highlights the holistic growth of the team, where emerging talents are seamlessly filling gaps left by their predecessors.


In summary, Marc Guehi's stunning debut at Euro 2024 has set the stage for what promises to be a bright career on the international stage. His calmness, discipline, and focus on the basics make him a unique asset to the England squad. As the tournament unfolds, his performances will be closely monitored by fans and pundits eager to see if he continues to excel. With the spotlight on him, Guehi has the perfect opportunity to cement his place as one of England’s most promising defenders.