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I operate a private practice directly tailored to your needs in overcoming past trauma and the many associated behaviours such as substance addictions, depression, anxiety and chronic stress. Take the first step on your path to recovery and I will safely guide you the rest of your way.

Video Resources

I have curated some video content on this site that speaks directly to understanding the reasons so many of us fall into self-destructive patterns of depression, anxiety, addiction and a broad range of negative emotional relationships due to unresolved trauma.

These videos will not change those patterns, however, they will provide you with some insights as to why your mind “responds” and “acts out” when faced with certain situations. In summary, these videos explain how trauma-based behaviours are fueled by what responses to complex trauma can cause such distress in adult life.

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Specialist Residential Rehabs in Cape Town

Recovery Direct was a project that I launched and nurtured over five years ago that focused on treating the underlying drivers of addiction as the primary modality of treatment. This led me to establish possibly one of Cape Town’s leading “rehab” treatment centres for the clinical care of patients struggling to overcome addictions.